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Discover Easter week in Seville getting lost in the narrow streets of the historic centre and joining in with the thousands of Sevillians who religious or not bring the city to a standstill every year for one week.

  • Feel the passion and faith of the brotherhoods
  • Discover how the costaleros carry the image of Christ or the Virgin
  • Whatch the processions as they pass by

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We offer you the chance to get up close and feel the immense passion that the people of Seville experience in Holy Week in the streets and in the churches. Watch how the centre of the city becomes a living, breathing, moving exhibition of impressive religious imagery as processions of hundreds of faithful followers pass through the historic streets to celebrate Holy Week.

A knowledgeable local guide will accompany you for the afternoon to watch one of the brotherhood processions as they leave their church. Witnessing the epic feat of the costaleros as they carry a huge float holding the image of Christ or the Virgin through the streets of the city followed by hundreds of penitents is a spectacular sight and unforgettable experience. Your guide will then take you to other points in the city where you can catch more glimpses of the wonderful processions as they pass by.

To finish the day, your guide will accompany you to watch the end of a procession as the brotherhood re-enters their church and thus closes the cycle of another year of devotion.


  • Schedule: Monday to Sunday, at 4 pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Group size: 1-5 people
  • Meeting point: To be confirmed according to tour and schedule


  • Guide
  • One drink
  • Insider tips


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