Best Beer in Spain
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A Tour of the Best Spanish Beer in Andalusia

Spain might be famous for many things, (tapas, flamenco, siestas and fiestas) but beer isn’t usually one of them. When most people think of world renowned beer the most common responses are probably Germany, favourites from Eastern Europe or even British IPAs. But new research suggests that Spanish beer takes the lead as the world […]

Best day trips from Granada
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Off the Beaten Track & Unique Experiences in Southern Spain

Are you looking to uncover the hidden gems of Southern Spain? The road less travelled is often the most rewarding as you can experience local culture more authentically. This is definitely true of Spain, with its multitude of small towns and villages in the shadow of its bigger cities. Andalusia is a hugely popular destination […]

Best destinations to visit in Southern Spain
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Why Andalusia Should Be First on Your Travel Itinerary When the Pandemic is Over

We might not be able to travel right now, but we can still dream about our first trip once the pandemic is over. Whilst there are lots of beautiful destinations to choose from, we’re here to convince you that Andalusia should be your number one choice. From luscious beaches to a vibrant social life, Spain […]

Flamenco in Andalusia
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How Covid-19 Is Affecting Seville’s Flamenco Industry

Flamenco dancing is a significant part of Spanish culture and has been a key factor in drawing tourists to Spain for decades. This is particularly true of Seville, the Spanish centre of flamenco dancing and living. As a result of Covid-19, it has become increasingly difficult for flamenco dancers to perform or teach. Two months […]

Best winter destinations in Spain
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How to Spend Winter in Seville During January

Seville is a hugely popular winter destination for travellers all over the world (especially those from countries with colder climates). Yes, Spain is blessed with sunny weather all year round, but it doesn’t quite escape the odd chill in December and January. Although, temperatures still regularly reach 19 to 20 degrees! Whilst it is still […]

Spanish Christmas Food
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Festive Food & Christmas Traditions in Southern Spain

Presents, decorations and parades are all well and good, but I think we can all agree that food is the best part of Christmas. Every country has its own food delicacies that encapsulate festive magic. It’s no surprise then, that with its excellent culinary food scene, Spain leads the way for sweet treats. In this […]

Best gifts to buy from Spain online
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The Best Gifts from Spain to Buy Online

Are you missing the taste of tapas or thrill of buying a souvenir to commemorate an amazing holiday? The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we travel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the little things we love about visiting another country, just in a slightly different way. Amongst other things, Spain can provide […]

Walking tours in Seville
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Best Things to Do in Seville During the Coronavirus Pandemic Part 2

After being cooped up indoors for months, it’s natural that a lot of us are feeling the urge to spend hours outside in the fresh air. Especially as the outdoors also allows better opportunity to minimise the risk of coronavirus. Spain is renowned for its stunning natural landscape so why not take advantage of the […]

Things to do in Seville
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Best Things To Do in Seville During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you itching to travel to Seville, but are struggling to get those statistics out of your head? Maybe you’re worried that your time in the city will be limited by restrictions? Don’t worry, this list isn’t just a news broadcast! We’ll detail the best things to do in Seville that adhere to the government’s […]