Riding in Ethiopia #1

You come to a country and you don´t know anything about it? This is exactly what is happening to me. No expectations no disappointments. All the opposite as I am constantly surprised by the beauty, hospitality, friendliness and the grand diversity of Ethiopia. As a rider who happens to travel my travel criteria are based a lot on what I hear from other fellow rider. So Ethiopia was for me a big NO due to famous and fearful stone throwing kids. I didn’t want to end up on the ground in a more and less tragic way just because a few innocent kids wanted to have a bit of fun.

But then I got invited by a friend to come to Ethiopia. I had been traveling without my bike for 4 long months so that I decided to take her with me too no matter how scary the stones were and how expensive the shipping!

And I have to tell you the truth, I have been here for a month and no stone have hitten my head or helmet so far. Traveling is a lot about being lucky too and I have been extremely lucky so far.

Here is the first stone free ride I did. All tarmac and amazingly scenic, you will have it all- curves, colors, yellow and green, one mountain pass after the other, ever changing landscape, freezing cold fog wrapped mountain roads waking you up abruptly after having passed by tropically warm villages, farmers walking with cattle, interchanging muslim and christian villages. An open air museum and a national park at the same time and much to my delight no stones were thrown at me!riding-ethiopia-map

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