A Beginners Guide to Being Vegetarian in Seville

gastronomy from Spain

Seville is one of the most vegetarian friendly cities in Spain. Eating meat is part of the ‘strong food’ tradition, and as such, most traditional dishes do contain meat (sometimes even the ‘vegetable’ dishes will have a bit of ham, so it’s best to double check before you order); however, if you know where to […]

Café Offices: Places for Digital Nomads to get down to business in Seville.

Seville is becoming a very attractive location for digital nomads. The balmy climate, the enchanting history and that indescribable Andalucian charm, who could keep away, right? The café, bar and tapas scene of Seville is fun, plentiful, but at times a little difficult to navigate – especially if you’re a digital nomad in need of a […]

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Flamenco in a Nutshell… PLUS 6 of the Best and Most Authentic Tablaos to Visit while in Seville!

flamenco dancing girl in a red dress

It can be argued that one of the pivotal and relatively not-so-recent points in Spanish history is the art of Flamenco. When we say Flamenco, we are talking about the song, the dance, and the guitar. The origins of Flamenco are a subject of much debate as the history has only been documented for the […]

16 of the Very Best Typical Dishes You Need to Try from The Andalusian Province

Mojama de Atun - Cured Tuna -

Ever wondered what local food you should be eating while touring through the south of Spain? Here you have 16 of the very best dishes you need to try before checking these cities off your list. Andalusian gastronomy, which has been deeply influenced by the Arabic Cuisine, bases its dishes on raw ingredients of the […]

Top Five Spanish Tapas Recipes

One of many great things about Spain and in particular about being here in Andalusia is the amazing variety of Tapas you can find everywhere you go, and I thought why not share some recipes of my favorite ones with you all. Now before you say, I can’t cook, don’t worry anyone can prepare and […]

The best 5 food experiences in Seville

Visiting a new country means that quite everything you will experience will have the flavour of the unknown. You have no idea what to expect, for as many guide’s advises you might read, and as many plans you may have, you will never experience what you’ve imagined. We all know you want to avoid the […]

Feria Starter Kit

The countdown begins! Only two weeks after the Holy Week, locals in Sevilla dress up and go out to welcome what they’ve been looking forward to for the whole year: the FERIA. Yes, yes! You’ve read correctly. The feria kicks off next Monday with the traditional ALUMBRAO. Locals meet in front of the main gate […]

The very best of the Andalusian cuisine in Easter

Do the words Semana Santa or Holy Week sound familiar to you? I’m sure they do. The processions, the music… But what about food? What do locals like to eat in Easter? Well, if you don’t have a clue, I’ll tell you: TORRIJAS! That’s what locals eat time and time again. But we can’t blame them… Torrijas […]

Amazing Spanish food: Iberian ham tour

To be as Spanish as you can be, one needs to pause vegetarianism for a day. Leave Seville, search for the authentic Andalusian food and get familiar with the therm jamón ibérico (cured Iberian ham). If you stay in Seville, ham of the best quality is just a myth: sold in rare places hard to […]

Cadiz sherry dynasty wine tour

There is something very special about the white albariza soil in the Jerez/Cadiz region, which reflects the Spanish Andalucían sunlight back into the palomino grapes grown along the Atlantic Coast. On my second day exploring Andalusia with David of Not Just a Tourist, we stopped by two very special Bodega’s to relish the tastes of […]