Top things to do in Cordoba, Spain
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12 top things to do in Cordoba, Spain

Spain’s capital during Roman and Moorish times, Cordoba constitutes one of the three most visited cities in Andalusia. It is best known for the Mosque. Furthermore, Cordoba is nowadays considered one of the world’s greatest Islamic architectural treasures.  If it is your first time visiting this incredible city, keep reading our new blog post to […]

The best flamenco shows in Granada
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Insider guide to the best flamenco shows in Granada

Granada is by far one of the most enchanting and fairy-tale-like cities in Spain. It was home to the last powerful Arab kingdom on European soil till 1492. A leisurely stroll through its narrow and winding streets still would throw you back to the era of 1001 nights. Passion, culture, architecture, sublime scenery, art, music, […]