best Iberian ham tasting near Seville
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The Best Iberian ham Tasting near Seville – A day trip to Sierra de Aracena

Andalucía has many beautiful cities to visit, such as Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz and the unforgettable Seville. But you would be missing out if you didn’t visit the Andalusian countryside. Only one hour from Seville, you’ll find the beautiful mountain range of Sierre de Aracena as well as what certainly is the best Iberian ham tasting […]

honeymoon in Spain/Seville
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Romantic Andalusia 3/3 – Where to go on a honeymoon in Seville/Spain

If you’re planning on going on a honeymoon in Spain, then Andalusia, the southern region surrounding Seville is the perfect place for it. Amazing culture, wonderful landscapes, charming cities, fantastic food and a vibrant atmosphere are amongst the things you will remember after your honeymoon in Seville/Spain. It’s no coincidence that famous romantic travellers and authors such […]

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Best way to travel to Morocco/Tangier & Chefchaouen from Seville/Spain

In this article learn about the best options and best activities to travel to Morocco/Tangier & Chefchaouen from Seville/Spain. Indeed, while you visit southern Spain you might be tempted to make a little incursion on the African continent seeing how convenient it is! From Seville, it is very easy and rewarding to travel to Morocco. […]

best places to propose in sevilla/spain
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Romantic Andalusia 2/3 – Best places to propose around Seville/Spain

If you’re looking to propose to your other half during your vacations, Andalusia is certainly one of the top romantic destinations, from the inebriating orange perfume of Seville, to the fantastic views from Ronda’s world-famous Puente Nuevo or even the magic atmosphere of the ancient Moorish baths still in use to this day in Seville, […]

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Romantic Andalusia 1/3 – Most Romantic Places in Seville/Andalusia/Spain for Valentine’s Day

This article regroups the most romantic places in Seville/Andalusia/Spain, because there is probably no better way to really get to know someone and cement a sincere long-lasting relationship than travelling together. On one side, it means spending a lot of time together, often in stressful situations which is already enough to make or break a relationship […]

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Seville City Break, Where to go and What to do in 2 Days!

Day one, first stop: The Cathedral de Sevilla and Giralda Tower! A Seville city break is everything you’ve ever dreamed and more! An absolute must stop is The Cathedral and its tower, the Giralda. The largest Gothic cathedral in the world, it took over a century to complete. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that […]