10 Best Things to Do in Summer in Seville

Seville is a city full of incredible art, rich history and colorful culture. However, it also a place where summer brings the smiling face of the Spanish sun! If you’re visiting Seville this summer, you can find plenty of summertime activities to fill your itinerary. From outdoor adventures to aquarium experiences, there are endless diversions in the city of Seville. Here are ten of our favorite summertime activities in Seville!


1. Maria Luisa Park. Enjoy the sunshine of summer in Seville’s loveliest park! Maria Luisa Park is a sprawling expanse of greenery. Summer is the most beautiful season in the park, when it dressed in its most brilliant greens and blooms. Here, you can picnic beneath shade trees, enjoy a carriage ride down the paved avenues, or take a walk to explore the interesting buildings and fountains throughout the park. This is also a great place to take a break between museum-going, since it is connected to the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Art and Popular Costume, and others.

2. Acuario de Sevilla. Seville’s top aquarium may be an indoor activity, but it’s one that is certainly appropriate for summer! If you find that you need a break from the summer heat, step into Acuario de Sevilla to be plunged into a refreshing underwater world. Take a look at the many marine displays in the aquarium and learn about the oceans bordering the Iberian Peninsula. One of the coolest things to do here is to dine in the “underwater” restaurant. Here, you can eat dinner in a room surrounded on all sides by a large marine tank. You’ll be dining next to sea turtles, rays, fish, and more!

3. Aquopolis Sevilla. If you’re traveling with kids (or you’re just a kid at heart), there’s no better way to add an element of serious fun to your Seville vacation than to take a trip to the Aquopolis! This huge water park is sure to delight even the biggest adrenaline junkie in your group. Take on the giant slides, or splash around in the pool. This water park will keep you busy and happy all day!

4. Plaza de Espana. This plaza is located in Maria Luisa Park, so you can visit both locations in the same afternoon. The plaza was built in 1929 for the Ibero-American exposition, but it incorporates elements of architecture from many centuries ago. You can enjoy the Renaissance and Moorish styles of architecture found here, which make great photo ops for your Instagram feed.

5. Isla Magica. Treat your family to a day at the coolest theme park in Seville! If you need to cool off, you can head to the water area of the park. Otherwise, there are plenty of dry activities to enjoy, from historical lands to roller coasters, life-sized video games, and more. Younger kids will enjoy puppet shows, while adults and older kids can be amazed by pirate ship dramas, hawking demonstrations, and magic shows. This place truly offers a magical experience!

6. Puente de Isabel II. Sometimes it’s the simple and low-cost experiences that make the best vacation memories. Take some time to visit Puente de Isabel II, a beautiful bridge that crosses the Canal de Alfonso XIII. This bridge was completed in 1852, during the reign of its namesake. It’s a lovely place to watch the sun rise or set. Many people take engagement or family photos here, and joggers enjoy making it part of their route. Whatever you love to do, be sure to include this classic bridge in your Seville itinerary.

7. Alamillo Park. This huge park covers about 120 hectares, and every inch of it offers new fascinations. The park was originally a nature reserve and botanical collection. Now that it is open to the public, visitors have the opportunity see myriad species of plants and wildlife! There are two lakes within the park, and both are teeming with animals and vegetation. You can spend your time in the park enjoying birdwatching and nature photography, or take advantage of the sporting facilities. On Sundays mornings, you can enjoy additional activities, such as train rides through Alamillo Park.

8. Buhaira Garden. If you watch Game of Thrones, you will probably recognize this garden. It’s easy to see why Buhaira Garden would be included in an epic TV series—not only is the garden beautiful, it also has a magically antique quality about it! This historic garden was built during the Moorish period, and the architecture and design reflect the trends of that era. Over the years, the garden has fallen prey to graffiti and the effects of time, which have diminished its former glory. However, this urban decay seems to add a mysterious element to the garden, emphasizing its survival through many eras and generations.

9. Isla de La Cartuja. Although the Isla de la Cartuja was a true island at one point, a rearrangement of Seville’s canal system leaves it currently joined to the mainland of the city. This region is an interesting place to spend some time while you’re in Spain. If you want to be outside in Spanish sunshine, you can check out the Jardin Americano, a public botanical garden, or take a long look at the Sevilla Tower. Interesting indoor things to see on the island include theater performances, the art museum, and the Pavilion of Navigation.

10. Go Hiking. Believe it or not, there are scads of hiking trails around Seville! Take a break from the city for a while for the chance to trek into Spain’s beautiful natural world. Summer is the perfect time to experience the wilderness near Seville, so grab your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure. If you need some trail suggestions, contact us at Not Just a Tourist to set up an awesome hiking tour for you.

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By Breana Johnson

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