Passionate guides, digital marketing and PR experts and well-organized coordinators needed in Seville!

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Are you passionate about people? Do you love Seville and Spain? Are you a proactive person and have a wide range of hobbies? Do you like dealing with people and entertaining them? Are you well- organized? Do you have excellent communication skills? Do you love social media and can spend hours on them? Are a detail-orientated and motivated person? Are you responsible? If your answer is YES then we would love to welcome you in our team. But before that please check the application requirements below and then contact us.

Currently we offer three different positions that are listed below:

  • Full time tour coordinator and office staff in Seville

YES! We are looking for a full time tour coordinator and booking staff with the big advantage of working at home home 60% of the time. You only need a wifi, mobile and Whatsapp as well as a lot of availibility and flexibility. Obviously you need to master English, know Andalusia very well, love people and be very well-organized and reachable all the time. Tourism is a seasonal sector but we offer you the stability of having a job throughout the year being able to enjoy your vacation during the low season.

  • Social media manager, PR & blogger in Seville

The position depends on the profile of the candidate but generally you need to invest a one or two hours per day. You can work from home and have flexible timetable. You can benefit from all the incentives we offer to our guides and also join most of the tours for free. This is aimed to be a result based position so that the results of the work can be measured after some time.

  • Full time or occasional tour guide position in Seville

You love people and care about them. You are a great storyteller, are responsible, resolutive and a fast learner.  You are sensitive to different people from different cultures. You are very fluent in English, you have vast knowledge about Seville and Andalusia and you have traveled a lot and the last but not the least you are an experienced driver.

The tours:
Tours of 2 to 3 hours in Seville and day tours of 7 to 10 hours outside of Seville. Tourism is a temporal sector and you need to be available during the high season throughout the month. Low season is much more relaxed.


Commitment and enthusiasm before anything else! You also need to be “autónomo”. If you are not yet we can help you to set it up or we could offer you very short term contracts but it’s a remote option.Your collaboration might be either occasional or fixed and in accordance with the demand in the high or low season. If you do day tours you need to have a driver’s license and be a very confident driver. A bicycle is also necessary, a smart phone with functioning camera and love for social media is a must. You need to be reachable via your smartphone and be very responsive. You need to be very fluent in English as well as have high level of Spanish. You need to know Seville as well as Andalusia very well. Be available for monthly meetings and periodic training sessions. You will also receive an unpaid training at the beginning of your collaboration so that you are prepare to face the world.

What we offer:

An extensive and very interesting training that would leave you prepared for any challenge in life. The opportunity to be part of a fun team and a top ranking company. The chance to discover Andalusia and learn about the culture, history, food and much more. Discounts on tours in more than 120 cities worldwide. Discounts in using our provider’s services in Seville and Andalusia. Did we forget something? Yes, a competitive salary that is based on a fix salary per tour and a productivity plus.

Are you the perfect candidate?

Then send an email in English to: Please include a motivation letter stating what makes you a good guide along with you previous experience, studies… that might be relevant to this application. Be precise about your availability and your knowledge about Seville and Andalusia. Remember that if you are going to do the day tours you have to be a very experienced driver, know the region very well and be able to talk and drive at the same time! Attach a nice photo as well as your CV in English. Having a blog or social media channels will help us to know you much better.