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Safety Tips as a Solo Female Traveler in Tangier Morocco : 7 Essentials

Tangier is a vibrant city that attracts many travelers, including those who travel on their own. However, as with any other destination, it’s important to be aware of certain safety concerns to ensure a safe trip. Moreover, although traveling solo as a female can be empowering, it can also be quite daunting, especially in a […]

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5 Reasons to Visit the Algarve while being in Andalucia

The Algarve (Portugal) is a stunning destination that offers something for everyone. From sun-soaked beaches to an incredible nightlife surrounded by many cultural attractions. What’s best is that, if you’re in any Andalucia city like Seville, it’s only a short trip to the Algarve – and it’s worth it! To help you decide whether you […]