donde montar a caballo en Andalucía
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Los mejores lugares donde montar a caballo en Andalucía y Tánger

Andalucía es una región que te enamorará desde el primer segundo; su arte se vive en cada rincón, tanto por su gente como por sus tradiciones. Si ya has visitado algunas de las regiones más famosas de nuestra querida Andalucía como por ejemplo Sevilla, Granada, Málaga, etc. ¿has pensado en hacerlo de la forma más […]

Best day trips from Granada
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Off the Beaten Track & Unique Experiences in Southern Spain

Are you looking to uncover the hidden gems of Southern Spain? The road less travelled is often the most rewarding as you can experience local culture more authentically. This is definitely true of Spain, with its multitude of small towns and villages in the shadow of its bigger cities. Andalusia is a hugely popular destination […]

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Christmas planning is always a bit of headache because of the whole pressure of having a special time. Not knowing many people in Ethiopia I was kind of prepared to spend very normal Christmas traveling around the country but then I started meeting people, making friends and Xmas was just as nice and Xmas-like as […]