3 days Morocco Family Holidays : A Guide

3 days Morocco Family Holidays

Are you planning a family vacation to Morocco but you have limited time?. That’s no problem at all!. Look no further with our 3-day itinerary (it could be a weekend getaway!) packed with fun and entertaining activities. You could visit the incredible hidden gems of Morocco while having fun with the kids or tasting some of the amazing cuisine. Don’t worry about the youngest in the family!. We’ve thought of them too in our 3 days Morocco Family Holidays Guide. Certainly, Morocco has something for every member of the family to enjoy!.

Three of the most beautiful and historically rich cities are Asilah, Tanger and Chefchaouen. That’s why our 3-days itinerary mainly focuses on these hidden gems. You will sure be swept away by the magical scenery and the rich history of these treasure cities. From the breath-taking blue-washed buildings of Chefchaouen to the stunning coast town of Asilah, after passing by the ancient city of Tanger.


Located in the northern coast of Morocco, Tanger (or Tangier) is a cosmopolitan port city. It has influences from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, making it a very interesting mix of cultures. If you travel by ferry from Spain, the first thing you’ll notice is the hustle and bustle in the port. Nevertheless, you can reach the old town by walking to it.

You could make your first stop in Cape Spartel. Did you know that the Lighthouse in Cape Spartel is the most northern in Africa?. Not far from Cape Spartel you can find the Caves of Hercules (yes – it is associated with the mythical character). The legend says that Hercules separated the continents of Africa and Europe and placed a pillar on each side before continuing his twelve talks. Do you know where the pillar for the European side is?. The myth says that this would be the Rock of Gibraltar!.

Continuing your day out, you can enjoy a stroll through the Medina of Tangier. It is probably the most picturesque part of the city and also the most vibrant. Its white-washed dwellings, blue doors, the colorful staircases… it all creates a magical scenery that one must not miss. If you walk up to the highest point, you’ll reach the Kasbah of Tangier. This is a more peaceful area of the city where you can spot many gorgeous palaces. You could also relish the viewpoints or the Kasbah Palace. Here’s an interesting fact: the Kasbah of Tangier has always attracted many well-known people to Tangier, such as the painter Monet among others. If you don’t want to miss anything, you can follow this day-trip guide we’ve created with all of the must-to stops.

Moreover, in your stop in Tangier during your 3 days Morocco Family Holidays, you can do many activities with the kids. You could go on a walk through the Market or a camel ride along the beach. If you want to surprise them, you can take them to see a snake charmer – they are incredible!. You can read this blog post for more ideas on what to do with kids in Tangier.


Chefchaouen is one of the most underrated cities in Morocco. Not everyone has heard of this treasure before, but once they do, they want to come and visit it!. The blue city is in the western part of the Rif Mountains (which you can hike if you’re feeling adventurous!). You can start your day-trip by getting lost in its wonderful narrow streets and blue-washed buildings. This blue atmosphere is the reason why Chefchaouen is known as the “Blue City”. Moreover, take a stroll through the medina and admire its stunning architecture and picturesque markets, where you can try some local food (like goat cheese).

A must-to stop is the Spanish Mosque. From here, you can admire a panoramic view of the city and the Rif Mountains. If you’re visiting in summer and you want to hike it (it’s around 45 minutes), it can be very hot. Here’s an insider tip: the best time to do so is before the sunrise or the sunset and get the stunning view of the blue city. To top your day, you may find some Berber music at the main square (Plaza Uta el-Hammam) after doing some shopping at the Bazaars and getting some hand-crafted souvenirs. You can find more to do in this blog post on 5 things to do in Chefchaouen.

The youngest ones in the family will sure enjoy the walks up to the Mosque or the strolls in the narrow streets (where they can spot a lot of cats!). Likewise, you could also take them to the river side so they have fun splashing out the water and drinking some freshly squeeze orange juice!. Without any doubt, Chefchaouen should be a stop during your 3 days Morocco Family Holidays!.


In the north of Morocco, you can find the charming coastal town of Asilah. It is a very popular destination among both locals and tourists because of its stunning beaches. Moreover, you can take pleasure in a relaxing time by visiting a traditional Hammam – you will feel brad new again after such a busy weekend!. Generally, Asilah is known for its art scene!. Don’t miss the colorful murals in the walls and the street art!. These attract art-lovers from all around the world and create a very picturesque scenery in such an old town. They are also really good backgrounds for photos!. In addition, you could visit the Church of San Bartolomé or the ancient ramparts and citadel. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, Asilah offers a wide range of activities for the kids in your family. You could take them to shop traditional sweets in the local markets (they won’t say no!). The youngest ones will also be impressed by the artworks in the walls and the narrow streets of the city which they can explore. Moreover, you could rent bikes and combine some sight-seeing with sport – it’s a perfect way to see the city!. Lastly, the whole family can enjoy some swimming (or sunbathing) in one of the beaches in the town. Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam is less rocky with clear blue water to swim. As you can see, Asilah is the perfect end to your 3 days Morocco Family Holidays!.

To sum up, Morocco is the perfect getaway for a short trip, especially if you’re already in Spain. The whole family can learn about culture, history, art, traditions… Your 3 days Morocco Family Holidays will surely be packed with activities for all to have fun so you won’t ever get bored. For instance, you can immerse yourself in the culture, savor some delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine, wander through the picturesque sceneries of the cities, swim in the beaches… Check this blog post for ideas on where to eat in shop in these towns. Morocco always will offer something for everyone, including the kids.

If you’d like to complete this getaway with no hassle, we can arrange a 3-day trip to Morocco which includes the cities mentioned in this blog. However, if you want to make it longer or visit other towns, you can contact us to arrange a tailor-made tour for you and your family!. We hope that this blog was useful and inspired you to book your next holiday! Enjoy and have fun!.

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