The History of Not Just a Tourist

The company was founded in 2011 by Mahsa Homayounfar, a traveler since the age of 16. Throughout her diverse adventures in over 100 countries (and counting!), being welcomed and guided through a destination by one of its locals has always been the most inspiring way for Mahsa to experience a new culture.

After a motorcycling trip in West Africa, Mahsa returned home to Seville, Spain with a new perspective on the importance of travel for both locals and visitors. Taking a closer look at Seville, she realized that the city she knew and loved was not the same one being packaged to unknowing travellers. The culture that made Seville so special to Mahsa was completely inaccessible to tourists.

Mahsa was determined to find a way to give fellow travellers an authentic experience of Seville and Andalusia. A way for people who do not have the opportunity to invest the time, learn the language, or build the relationships with locals to still experience local Seville. A way to be invited into the culture as a close friend… and Not Just a Tourist.

Mahsa shared this idea with local Sevillano and longtime friend David Ciudad. Shortly thereafter, Not Just a Tourist was launched from Mahsa’s passion for travel combined with David’s knowledge of southern Spain and love for people. Today, Not Just a Tourist is a thriving local-travel enterprise, offering interactive cultural, gastronomic, environmental, and historical experiences across Seville and Andalusia.   team

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