Feria Starter Kit

The countdown begins!

Only two weeks after the Holy Week, locals in Sevilla dress up and go out to welcome what they’ve been looking forward to for the whole year: the FERIA.

Yes, yes! You’ve read correctly. The feria kicks off next Monday with the traditional ALUMBRAO. Locals meet in front of the main gate or PORTADA and wait anxiously until all the lights are on.

Peurta Feria 2014

After that the party starts! The first day is the PESCAITO and everyone goes to the CASETAS (some kind of tent) and eat fried fish such as squids, anchovies, prawns… If you’re not into fish, don’t worry because there’s also cheese and the star of the Spanish cuisine! The Iberian ham. Not to mention the most popular drink, the REBUJITO, which is a mixture of white wine and soda water. Sounds refreshing, don’t you think?

It may seem that it’s too much for just a night but this event lasts for a WHOLE WEEK! So with this FERIA STARTER KIT you’ll know exactly what the Feria is about:

Dance Sevillanas Portada Feria (1)

Dance. If you can dance SEVILLANAS, you’ll be the king/queen of the dance floor. They’re so easy to learn that it’ll take you just a few days to become a real expert. For those who aren’t very gifted, clapping is a good alternative =P

For foodies. You’ll need to eat high quality food to have energy enough to dance sevillanas. That’s what locals do. They meet at the casetas and eat with their family and friends. Cheese, TORTILLA (Spanish omelette) and JAMÓN (Iberian ham) are among the most popular choices. Don’t forget the red and white wine!

Clothes. I know it’s hard to give up eating such mouth-watering food, but you’ll have to control yourself if you want to fit in your dress! Locals dress up for this special date, especially women, who wear amazing dresses and flowers and combs on her hair.

Carriages with horses. They’re the best way to know the feria inside and out. And the fact is that
this year there’ll be 1040 CASETAS. WOW!



Casetas. That’s the name of the tents where people go to eat and dance. They’re usually white with red or green stripes and decorated with lanterns and lights. Most of them are private, but you can always go to the public ones!

Rides. If you’re excited about all this but you think the little ones wouldn’t keep up, don’t be upset because in the feria everyone has fun! Kids and those who aren’t kids anymore enjoy the rides alike 🙂

_MG_5475After a long day in the feria, it’s time to go home and what could be better than having CHURROS with hot chocolate from the many stands that are in the feria before going to bed? Hmmm!!

On Sunday, to say goodbye to this wonderful week, locals enjoy the fireworks that take place at 12 pm.


After reading all this, you’ll have become a real expert on the feria. But, there’s nothing like seeing it by yourself, so don’t miss the opportunity to come and feel the feria like an authentic SEVILLANO. HAVE FUN!




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