Must visit towns in Granada

Must visit towns in Granada

Some of you may already know that Granada is not only a city in the Andalucia autonomous community. It is actually a whole region itself. Not only the capital is worth visiting but so are the little villages and towns around the province. Every little town has its own story to tell and they are all quite special. If you are planning to visit the southern part of Spain and especially Granada then these are some of the must-visit towns in Granada.


Pampaneira streets. source: Andrew Morato

This village is located 65km from Granada city center, at about 1060 meters above sea level. According to the 2005 census (INE), the village has a population of 355 inhabitants. The small village is very popular amongst locals, some come here for more than an hour’s drive to enjoy their lunch. Casa de la Abuela is a lovely place to eat! Because the town is located that high up, the views of the mountains are everywhere you look! On the north side opens the Sierra Nevada (Spain) range with the highest peak in Spain Peninsula, Mulhacen.

Fuente agria. Source: Johnny Cheng

In Pampaneira there is a fountain called “Fuente agria”. It has a red-colored waterfall because of the level of iron in it. It´s drinkable and very good for your health especially if you have a low iron level in your blood. 


Los Cahorros waterfall. Source: exclusivegranada

The Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, Europe’s southernmost ski resort, is in the village of Monachil in the Granada province of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Along with skiers and snowboarders, nature lovers also enjoy it. It is only 8 kilometers away from the city of Granada in the Vega de Granada neighborhood.

Desfiladero de Los Cahorros or “Los Cahorros,” is one of the most well-known hiking trails and is located close to the village. The track winds its way through stunning rock formations and crosses a 55-meter hanging bridge as it follows the Monachil River. 

Monachil river. Source: Veronica Arnedo


Decorations all through the town. Source: sevillaconlospeques

50 minutes from the capital of Granada along the winding road that crosses Lanjarón, the town of water. 40 kilometers from the Costa Tropical. That is the location of Soportújar, a whitewashed town, clinging to the hillside under the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. This place has got to be on the list of must-visit towns in Granada. It’s of those charming municipalities, where time seems to have stopped between small squares, fountains, and narrow alleys with cats sleeping in the sun. Soportújar is one of the most beautiful towns in the Alpujarra of Granada. It is no secret that in this place under the roof of the peninsula, special energy flows.

It is said that settlers from the north with pagan customs and legends settled in this village: they spoke of witches, covens, and rituals on dark nights, arousing the suspicion of their neighbors. Now, the whole town is filled with witches and different decorations. This place, however, has gained popularity in recent years.

Witches in Soportujar. Source: lacosmopolilla


Lanjaron streets. Source: costa tropical

Located it is at the lowest point of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This tiny village is most famous for the pure and mineral-rich water in Spain. Through the cracks and crevices of the mountainsides, the freshly melted snow from the Sierra reaches the rivers and streams that meet in Lanjarón.

Lanjarón took advantage of the purity of its water and opened the first bottled water company in Spain. It is sold throughout the country today. The World Health Organization (WHO) has awarded Lanjarón with the “highest life expectancy in the world”, with a fourth of its residents over the age of 75 and a large number over 100. The spa is one of Lanjarón’s main draws. The Balneario is the most notable healing spa in Andalucia and its natural aquifers are viewed as the best in Spain.


Trevelez. Source: fotomicar

With a height of 1,476 meters, Trevélez is the second-highest village in Spain. It serves as the entry point to the Sierra Nevada National Park’s mountains. Trevelez is a wonderful village to explore and take in the sights, even if you don’t intend to climb any higher into the mountains. Only 800 residents live there and the village sits on a high cliff. This town is on the list of must-visit towns in Granada because of its special charm. Trevelez seems to have the best jamón serrano (cured ham) in the area too. If you forget about this fact while visiting, you will soon be reminded of the enormous hams that hang from every window in the village.

Now that you know some of the most spectacular towns when you’re going to plan a trip to the capital of the whole region – Granada, you definitely have to include at least some of these small towns on the way! If you need any help planning your trip to Granada contact us!

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