This is what we have been doing every day during last week: riding against the sun in Sahara. We have been driving each day an average of 400 kms through one narrow, straight & extremely windy road though the Sahara. A solitary road as there is hardly any other traffic. On and off we pass some other Europeans heading towards Black Africa in search of some adventure and some black Africans making the long way back home all the way long from their respective host countries: Belgium, France, Spain,… to their home countries: Mali, Burkina, Senegal & Mauritania. The last hours of the day are the most strenuous ones as we are already tired after a full morning of riding and on top as we are always driving against the sun from 4 pm till 6.30 in a semi blind state. Luckily for us so far there wasn’t much of traffic and we survived these romantic sunset rides in the middle of Sahara, 1000 of kms of sand, sun and nothing else.



  1. david y pili says:

    be careful with these motorbikes trips, el che started the same way….. feliz año nuevo para los 2 y mucha suerte en vuestra aventura. seguir informando

    • David says:

      Gracias family…y disculpad el retraso en la respuesta, así que no os devuelvo la felicitación de año nuevo si nos os parece mal. Muchos besos desde una playita de Senegal, aunque no hace falta que os diga cual es mi playa preferida…

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