Best Instagram Spots in Seville

Seville without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful places, not only in Spain but also in the world. With that being said, it’s also one of the most photogenic locations. Many bloggers and influencers travel to visit this stunning city to take some great photographs that will boost their social media accounts. We made a list of best instagram spots in Seville, to help you find the most photo-friendly places in the capital of Andalusia. Ready? Say cheese!

Metropol Parasol

Instagram Spots in Seville
Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world and is totally unforgettable. Most of the people time their visit for the sunset, which is definitely the best time to take photos – the pastel colours, the tiled domes, the elaborate towers and sparkling rooftop bars are just so instagrammable.

The parasol itself almost feels like you’re walking over the tops of trees. Although the modern shape is so disruptive amongst the surrounding architecture, it still manages to feel as though it grew from the ground. And if you enjoy looking at Seville from this unique perspective, then try our Rooftop tour, that will take you to even more places where you can look at Seville from above.


Visit Alcazar

One of the best Instagram spots in Seville is definitely the Alcázar Palace and Gardens. Originally built by Moorish Muslim kings, Seville’s UNESCO-listed palace is a breathtaking mixture of Christian and Mudéjar architecture. Get your camera out for the colourful tiled hallways, intricately carved stone archways, and beautifully peaceful patios. The gardens of the Alcázar Palace are completely stunning. Pictures taken here will definitely make you Instagram Famous!

Plaza De España

Seville photo tour ; Best Instagram Spots in Seville
Best Instagram Spots in Seville – Plaza de Espana,

Could be a place any more photogenic? This one literally screams „Take a picture of me!“.  Definitely one of the top ones on our list of best instagram spots in Seville. This sprawling expanse of archways, fountains, tiled floors and ceramic accents are very impressive. It also has been an inspiration for many filmmakers. The most photogenic part seems to be the canal running parallel with the building, interrupted by tiled bridges and dotted with little boats. You can also go up to a balcony, where you get a stunning view of the entire plaza. The good news is that we offer a Seville photography tour will allow you to discover Plaza de Espana and you will get a chance to get some unique shots from our professional photographer! Those amazing pictures will definitely boost your social media and will give you a chance to have a different, one of a kind experience to remember.


Instagrammable Seville
Seville Cathedral, Best Instagram Spots in Seville

De Santa Maria De La Sede is tone of the largest cathedral in the world and Christopher Columbus’s resting place. Originally a mosque, it was converted into a cathedral after Seville’s conquest by Ferdinand III, before being expanded in the Gothic style in the 15th century.

The Giralda bell tower will give you the best views of the surrounding city. Outside and inside, cathedral is absolutely stunning. You can take pictures from different perspectives, making your content more interesting. No matter the angle, you will be able to take many great pictures, making this beautiful Cathedral one of the best instagram spots in Seville.

Triana & Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Seville
Plaza Alfaro, Santa Cruz

Wander around Santa Cruz and Triana neighbourhoods to discover the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city. Their colorful walls and narrow streets make it a great place for some stunning portraits. The Seville’s coolest neighbourhoods have it all: great historical monuments, the city’s most charming streets and squares, colourful markets, tranquil parks and amazing tapas joints.  In Santa Cruz particularly beautiful is Calle Agua (‘Water Street’), which runs alongside the wall of the Alcazar, and the square it leads onto, Plaza Alfaro. When it comes to Triana, this neighbourhood is known for lovely handmade ceramics, which attractively adorn the walls of its old, whitewashed houses, and one of Seville’s best and most lively markets, the Mercado de Triana.

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