Best Markets in Seville That You Must Visit

Although there are some great high street stores and big brands dotted across Seville, the city is also home to a number of unique street markets. Whether you’re looking for a quirky souvenir, a new wall painting, or a tasty bite to eat, the street markets in Seville have a lot to offer. We’ll take you through some of the best markets in Seville you’ll want to check out to grab some good bargains!

Mercadillo del Jueves

Mercadillo de Jueves is one of the oldest outdoor markets in Seville with its origins dating back to the 13th century. It does justice to its name as it never fails to take place on each Thursday of the year except Holy Thursday. It’s located in the Casco Antiguo District mainly in the infamous Calle Feria but also extends through to the squares of Monte Sión and Los Maldonados. As the market has been around for centuries it has changed and evolved a lot since. Once a space to sell and exchange all goods, Mercadillo del Jueves is now best known for its range of antiques and second-hand items and hosts up to 124 stalls full of them. It has a great spread of antiques, paintings, photographs, postcards, crockery, collectables, second-hand books – almost anything! Mercadillo del Jueves is known as one of the most colourful markets in Seville and is somewhere where you can always grab a good deal. Paying a visit will allow you to jump off the tourist trail and see more of a local and alternative side to Seville. Whilst in the area be sure to stop by Alameda de Hercules for a quick tapas or drink as the atmosphere in the square is something you don’t want to miss.

markets in Seville

Calle Feria, Seville. 7am3pm every Thursday (Exlcuding Holy Thursday)

Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena

The Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena is the market you want to head to if you’re looking for the perfect accessory or gift and is located in the Macarena district of Seville. The stalls are full of jewellery, fashion accessories, perfumes, soaps, leather goods, and bags, alongside some handmade pieces and an extensive range of other items. During the winter the market becomes a hot spot for Christmas shopping as the stalls are full of great gift ideas – you would be very unlucky not to find something! However, if you find yourself out of luck, fear not as Spain’s largest department store, El Corte Inglés, is located just next door. It’s famous for being home to some of Europes biggest brands and has an extensive range of items so there’s something for everyone in the family to treat themselves to.

markets in Seville

Plaza del Duque / Plaza de la Magdalena, Seville. Thursday to Sunday 10am – 9pm

Paseo de Arte

The Paseo de Arte is an open-air market tucked away in the corners of Triana and is heaven for anyone that’s a sucker for handcrafted artisan items. The arts and crafts market has been an initiative of the Association of Painters of Seville since 2008 and has created a space where local artists can collaborate and display their work, bringing colour and vibrancy to the town of Triana. There you can find works from humble craftsmen who solely work with newspaper, to luxury potters and artisan jewellery makers. There is a great spread of different types of crafts from textiles, sculptures, handcrafted leather wearables, pottery and ceramics. It also offers an extensive amount of artwork from paintings of landscapes, portraits with the most precise details, to abstract and contemporary art full of colour and mystery. Paseo de Arte is celebrated in the Paseo Nuestra Señora de la Or of the Triana district in Seville every weekend and is the perfect place to find a special and unique item that is one of a kind. Another art form bringing colour and soul to the town of Triana is the infamous Flamenco Dance. With the origins of Flamenco deeply rooted within the neighbourhoods of Triana, this is the best place to grab tickets to a show and see it for yourself!

Paseo Nuestra Señora de la Or, Trianas. 9am3pm every weekend. 

Mercado de la Calle Feria 

If you’d rather spend your money on something with more flavour why not treat yourself to some of the specialities of Andalusian cuisine in Calle Feria’s food market. This street market is one of the oldest markets in Seville, founded in 1719 and restored later in 1982, and has managed to retain its lively atmosphere throughout the years. Although its best known for its fresh fish and seafood tapas, Feria Market offers a bite to eat for everyone. There are stalls selling organic vegetarian and vegan food, plenty of tapas dishes to choose from, and even sushi and burger bars for anyone looking to stray away from typical Spanish cuisine. Come check it out for yourself and get lost in its narrow hallways full of enticing aromas. We source all of our ingredients for our cooking classes from Calle Feria so can assure you that it’s top quality!

markets in Seville

Calle Feria, Seville. 8:15am to 8pm everyday except Sundays.

Although there are plenty more tourist hotspots you need to tick off your list during your visit to Seville, the markets in Seville are a must visit in order to truly soak up the local way of Sevillian life.

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