Movies filmed in Andalucia

If you are a cinema lover thinking of travelling to Spain, you have another great reason to come: to discover the locations of movies filmed in Andalusia. This stunning region of Spain, has been inspiration to many filmmakers from all over the world. Visit Seville, Cadiz or Cordoba to enjoy the stunning landscapes, that will make you feel like you are a Holywood star. Find out some examples of movies filmed in Andalucia!   Ready? Action!

Lawrence of Arabia

Movies filmed in Andalusia, walking tour Seville
Lawrence of Arabia; Movies filmed in Andalucia

One of the first blockbusters that started movie directors’ fascination with Andalusia was ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Directed by David Lean and starring legendary actors such as Peter O’toole and Antony Queen, the production was a big event at the time as it took place all over 1962’s Seville. Curious locals gathered, and the city was almost held to a stand still. Most notably, the halls of the Alcazar and Plaza de Espana were used to bring the headquarters of the English Army in Jerusalem to life. Feel free to take a long stroll in Seville as you imagine yourself as the great Lawrence of Arabia on his many adventures.

Star Wars

Movies filmed in Andalusia, seville photography tour
Star Wars

The most-filmed Spanish architectural monument is none other than the Plaza de España. It’s the top one location for movies filmed in Andalucia. Its regal colour scheme and intricate architectural design make it the perfect set location for picturesque scenes. George Lucas chose it to be the Palace of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, placing it as the backdrop to the blooming romance between Padmé and Anakin.

While you may not be able to travel to that galaxy far, far away, visiting Plaza De Espana is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Star Wars Universe.

Games of Thrones

Movies filmed in Andalusia, visit alcazar
Games of Thrones

Although the HBO Series, “Game Of Thrones”, is technically not a movie, no one before had given more touristic attraction to Alcázar than the creators of Game of Thrones. They did so by reimagining the emblematic royal palace into the Palace of Dorne, one of the seven kingdoms in Westeros.

The scenes were filmed in various locations: In the Ambassadors’ Hall, the Baths of Doña María de Padilla, and  the Gardens of Real Alcázar.

The eighth and final series of the show, was what everyone has been talking about lately. The show will go down as one of the most popular TV series of the 21st century. For adventurous fans of the show that fancy themselves visiting the various filming locations all over the world, visiting Alcázar and other Games of Thrones locations is an absolute must!

007 Die Another Day

Movies filmed in Andalusia, visit cadiz
007 Die Another Day

Chosen for its Carribean-like setting, Cadiz was reimagined as Havanna in 2002’s Die Another Day, another add to list of movies filmed in Andalucia.  This was the place where our beloved 007 encounters his Bond Girl, played by Halle Berry. For those who wish to escape the main city and want to have a chilled and relaxing day, make sure to visit the Santa Catalina Castle (where the two characters sip on mojitos in the film) or La Caleta beach (where the famous scene of Halle Berry emerging from the water was shot). 

Knight and Day

Movies filmed in Andalusia, seville bullfights
Knight and Day

“Knight and Day” is another add to the list of movies filmed in Andalucia. Cadiz and Seville were chosen to host the “Sanfermines” bull-running festival, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz zooming through the streets on a motorbike in an action packed scene. Later in the film, Seville again demonstrates why it is one of the world’s most romantic places as the two characters fall in love with each other under the beautiful lights of the city. Go for a walk round emblematic locations such as the Casa de Pilatos House, the Cathedral, the Giralda tower and the Reales Alcázares palace to spot places in the film.  

Talk to her

Movies filmed in Andalusia, visit cordoba
Movies filmed in Andalucia; Cordoba

“Talk to her”, originally titled “Hable con ella” was directed by one of the most renowned modern Spanish filmmakers- Pedro Almodovar, and was awarded for Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards. This movie is mostly set indoors; however, Cordoba’s Jewish Quarter and the town of Lucena do make an appearance in the film. Visit Cordoba, one of the top locations for movies filmed in Andalusia. We can assure you that monuments such as the Mosque-Cathedral are absolutely magnificent.

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