The best 5 food experiences in Seville

Visiting a new country means that quite everything you will experience will have the flavour of the unknown. You have no idea what to expect, for as many guide’s advises you might read, and as many plans you may have, you will never experience what you’ve imagined. We all know you want to avoid the most touristic places, especially when it comes to food. 

Well, Seville has something to say regarding the food. Coming to Seville is not just about visiting the monuments and taking pictures of the Giralda or of the Alcazar Jardins. Coming to Andalusia means having the most heavenly food experience. Salmorejo? Pave de bacalao? Solomillo? Have you lost yourself? Don’t worry… Relax and trust our locals. Here are the 5 most delicious restaurants in Seville.

1. Are you visiting Las Setas and you just experienced the most beautiful rooftop sunset view of the city but you’re wondering where you might find a place to sit and enjoy a great meal? You have to try the oldest restaurant in Seville. El Rinconcillo and have some typical tapas. Usually I will ask the waiter for suggestions. #NotJustaTourist advises the Ensaladilla de gambas (typical sevillan salad), el pavo de bacalao, pulp (delicious) and some Risotto negro. To drink, shall you choose Sangria or Tinto de verano?

Foto tapas

El Rinconcillo Calle Gerona, 40

2. If you’re just outside the Las Setas but you’ve already tasted the traditional food you might want to turn right and go to El Perro viejo. The ingredients are genuine and the menu is a mix between traditional and modern. There is a great research of each plate’s recipes. I would never leave this place without having a Salmorejo. But everything you’ll have you’ll definitively enjoy.

El perro viejo Calle Arguijo, 3

Foto Ovejas negras

3. If you’re already an expert of the sevillian gastronomy and your taste is ready to have a step forward in a better knowledge, you definitively have to try the Ovejas negras  place. The presentation of the plates is really impressive and the experience at the “bara” the balcony of the restaurant is the best. Ask for suggestions even if anything you’ll try will be worthy of it.

Ovejas Negras Calle Hernando Colón

Foto salmorejo

4. In the quartier El Arenal area, it is mandatory to try el montaito de pringá in the La Boteguita de Antonio Romero so you can taste the most delicious one. Also try the traditional garbanzo con espinaca and the montaito Piripi!

5. Triana is known for its beautiful ceramics and also for its bars. Did you know that Seville has the largest  number of bars per m^2? Well, Triana has even more. On the other side of the river Guadalquivir, the atmosphere there is different from any part of the city. The best place to “tapear”? Las Golondrinas. Try tapa del día. I always love being surprised.

Foto Golondrinas

Las golondrinas Calle Pagés del Corro, 76

There are so many other places worth to be tried. Come with us and we’ll show you the best! Click here if you want to have a unique experience with our tapas tour in Triana or you prefer an alternative tapas tour. Do you want to prepare a romantic dinner and are inspired by the Spanish cuisine? Hands on our cooking classes

Written by Elena Manole

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  1. F Teall says:

    Oldest in Seville but not in Spain , the oldest in Spain and in the world is Casa Botín in Madrid adjacent to the Plaza Mayor.

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