Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Why Indians should visit Spain

Since the release of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara there’s been a huge increase of Indian tourists choosing Spain as their next European holiday destination in hope to live through the same thrills Hrithik Roshan and his amigos did on their adventurous road trip through Spain. This isn’t surprising as the movie featured some of Spain’s finest spots – including Seville! Here we’ll take you through all the reasons for why Indians should visit Spain!

Flamenco in Seville

The hit song ‘Señorita’ captures one of the most infamous scenes from the movie where the group dance alongside local villagers and spectacular Spanish flamenco dancers. Going to see a flamenco dance show or trying out the art form itself is a great way to fully immerse yourself into the Spanish culture. Seville is, in fact, the birthplace of flamenco so is, therefore, the best place to experience the emotive dance form of stamping feet, snapping fingers, and clicking castanets. You’ll be able to catch a flamenco show whilst in Seville whether it’s an open performance in Santa Cruz or you choose to go for the full experience and join one of the flamenco tours around the city. Alternatively, if you want to experience the Bollywood and Spanish dance fusion as seen in the movie and learn the art of flamenco yourself, you could try out a flamenco dance class. You’ll find that the Spanish like a festive street party just as much as Indians do which is just one of the many reasons why Indians should visit Spain. 

Why Indians should visit Spain

Vegetarian Food in Seville

Although the tapas and meat culture seems prevalent throughout Spain, Seville is, in fact, a vegetarian-friendly city with some of its most popular tapas being completely meat free! You just have to know where to look and most importantly what dishes to look for. Here are some common tasty tapas recommendations which you’ll find in the majority of local bars and can’t go wrong in ordering. Espinicas con garbanzos (spinach with chickpeas) is simple yet delicious and you’ll find a slight variance in flavours depending on which restaurant you go to. Tortilla de patatas (potato and egg omelette) and Salmorejo (creamy cold tomato soup) are two classic tapas dishes and can be extremely refreshing after a hot summers day. Patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce) is also a great option to go for if you’re looking for something with an extra kick! Check out our blog for some more tasty options and recommendations for the best places to grab a bite in the city. The ease of finding good vegetarian food in Spain is definitely a good reason for why Indians should visit Spain!

Vegetarian food in Spain


The flamenco dance scene was shot in the small town of Alájar 100km from Seville. Alájar is one of the prettiest villages in the Sierra and is a great spot to soak up authentic Spanish life. It is overlooked by Peña de Arias Montano, a great landmark for nature lovers and provides great views of the town, the plains of Sierra, and fields of fresh olive trees. From Alájar there are several scenic walking trails you can try out. The Linares Walk takes to you through the beautiful village of Linares and the fascinating abandoned hamlet of Los Madroñeros finally leading you to the town of Aracena. If you’re up for the challenge you could also climb the steep pathway taking you up the Peña de Arias Montano to witness the breathtaking views.

Why Indians should visit Spain

Andalusian Coastline

One of the adventures the group decides to embark on is a skydive overlooking the beautiful views of Costa Brava and the Balearic Sea. However, if you’re taking a road trip through Andalusia you don’t want to miss out on the beaches southern Spain has to offer! Caños de Meca is a great destination known for its extended beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters. Its town full of winding narrow streets and scenic landscapes also make it an attractive spot for tourists. If you’re looking for a little more adventure you could head down to the southernmost tip of Spain to Playa de Tarifa to try out some water sports. The windy coastlines of Tarifa make it a perfect place to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. Or if you’re looking for the full adrenaline rush why not try out a skydive overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Tangier Peninsula.

Why Indians should visit Spain


In one of the last scenes in the movie, Imraan reunites with his father only to learn that he lives as an artist in the White Villages of Ronda. This scene captures the infamous Puente Nuevo Bridge, a magnificent structure overlooking the deep gorges and waters surrounding the town of Ronda. This gorge (El Tajo) separates the city’s 15th-century new town from its historic old town which is dated back to the time of Moorish rule. Ronda is also the birthplace of modern bullfighting and is home to a legendary 18th-century bullring making it a great attraction. With its historic charm and dramatic views, this town is definitely not to go amiss!

Why Indians should visit Spain

Why Indians Should Visit Spain

Although Spain may seem like a foreign land oceans away from India, it’s safe to say that the strong similarities between Spanish and Indian culture will make you feel right at home. Firstly the people are extremely welcoming, hospitable, and never short of time to stop to have a chat. The warm exchanges between locals on the street resemble the same community feel that is present throughout India. Food and family also rank high on the Spanish’s list of priorities. Like Indians, the Spanish tend to have family meals with an infinite amount of food followed by a post-meal period of relaxation. Sound familiar? The typical Spanish family can be loud and large and most Spanish are very much bound to their roots and families.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara captures the essence and views of Spain so well it’s difficult not to be tempted to pay a visit yourself. Here we’ve listed just some of the reasons why Indians should visit Spain and places that you could check out during your road trip through Andalusia, but you’ll definitely discover plenty more hidden spots whilst on the road. Spain is a destination you definitely want to tick off your bucket list – after all, you only live once!

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