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Did you know that in Seville there are more than 100 temples? Of course, that doesn’t compare to the number of bars, which is up to 2000! But the truth is that churches, parishes and basilicas are some of the most characteristic monuments of the city.

They all represent the different cultures that make up Seville and are full of works of art. As we know that visiting all of them can be exhausting, we have created this list about must see churches and monuments in Seville so that you don’t miss any of the most important ones.

Cathedral of Seville

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Overview of Cathedral of Seville

How could it be otherwise, the Cathedral of Seville should be at the top of this list. It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city that will leave you speechless when you visit it.

Its large surface area makes it the largest Gothic cathedral in the world! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being the perfect convergence of culture, art and religion.

The cathedral is in the place of a former Arab mosque, so you can still see remains of Moorish art (similar to Alhambra) in its construction such as its majestic minaret, the Giralda. Fun fact: there is a replica of the Giralda in Kansas, sister city of Seville!

The cathedral is located in the centre of the city so you can tour the beautiful surrounding and enjoy some tapas in the nearby bars.

Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena Basilica

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Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena Basilica and ancient Macarena entrance. Source: Sevilla Secreta

This basilica is the church of the brotherhood of the Macarena Hope, a historic brotherhood of the Holy Week of Seville. Its interior houses the sculpture of the Esperanza Macarena, one of the most venerated virgins by Sevillians.

The basilica is located in one of the best-known districts of Seville: Macarena neighbourhood. It stands in front of one of the three remaining entrances to the old city wall.

If you go to see this basilica on a Thursday you can stop by the Feria market for a little shopping session. It’s just a few streets away from the basilica. You can also taste the local food while enjoying the bohemian atmosphere that characterises the neighbourhood.

Divino Salvador Church

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Divino Salvador Church’s front façade

This church is the second largest temple in the city, just behind the cathedral of Seville. It was built over the ancient Great Mosque of Seville in the 9th century.

It is located in a square of the same name. This square used to be a cemetery in ancient times, so pay extra attention if you go there, you may hear something… strange. It has also been the setting for the film Nadie conoce a nadie. All of this has made this church become one of the must see churches and monuments in Seville list

This church is also the place from where the brotherhood of El Rocío de Sevilla-Salvado begins its pilgrimage to the village of El Rocío, which is quite close to the Natural Park of Doñana (if you have the opportunity, go and visit it, you won’t regret it!).

Santa Ana Parish

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Santa Ana Parish. Source: el correo web

The parish of Santa Ana is a Mudejar-Gothic style church. Its construction was carried out during the reign of Alfonso X, which means that it’s the oldest church in Seville! These two facts make this temple a perfect fit for this list of must-see churches and monuments in Seville

Did you know that in this temple the oath was sworn by the expeditionaries who set off with Ferdinand Magellan on the first voyage around the world? We could say that it is the starting point of one of the most historic voyages in history.

This parish has also been the favourite place for many Spanish celebrities to baptise their children because of its incredible beauty. One of them was the son of the famous singer Isabel Pantoja.

Church of San Luis de los franceses

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Baroque-style façade of San Lauis de los franceses. Source: ABC Sevilla

This church is one of the best preserved Andalusian baroque although it does not currently serve the function of a church and is simply a museum open to the public. If you are passionate about baroque art, you should definitely visit it!

The most impressive part of this church is the interior, where the enormous Solomonic columns can be found. In total there are sixteen columns supporting the central vault. For this reason alone, it is a temple not to be missed

This church, an incredible expression of baroque, is a hidden gem that goes unnoticed even by the locals, so you visit it at your own pace as you won’t have to worry about crowds.

Marineros Chapel

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Marineros Chapel is located in the famous neighbourhood of Triana. Source:

This chapel is one of the most famous and important in Seville because it houses a very significant sculpture for the Sevillian people: the Virgin of Hope of Triana.

The chapel is located in a really meaningful street for those passionate about Holy Week, Purity Street, in the heart of the Triana neighbourhood. Every Madrugá, people crowd the street, waiting to see the hope of Triana through the streets.

If you finally go to visit the chapel, don’t forget to take a stroll through one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city and discover its charms. This way you will kill two birds with one stone!

Jesus del Gran Poder Basilica

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Jesus del Gran Poder Basilica is characterised by its reddish façade. Source: el correo web

This temple is located in a square in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo. It had the purpose of welcoming the faithful who wanted to profess their devotion to Gran Poder Christ.

If you have been to Rome or know a little of this city, you will see something very familiar. That is that the interior of this basilica is inspired by the Pantheon of Agrippa. Inside it, there’s also the second oldest organ in Seville and unique in its style.

The square where the basilica is located, San Lorenzo square, is an idyllic place to sit under the trees and admire the facade of the basilica.

Patrocinio Basilica

Patrocinio Basilica façade

This basilica is also really cherished by Sevillians. It is home to one of the most important sculptures of the Sevillian Holy Week, the Christ of the expiration or “Cachorro”, as the locals called it.

Two chapels make up the church, the new one and the primitive one, built at different times. It is pretty easy to distinguish which is the oldest and which is the latest thanks to their distinctive decorations.

This church is also located in the neighbourhood of Triana so take spare some time to explore the neighbourhood and get immersed in its gypsy vibe!

As you may have noticed, Seville is a city full of art in all its forms. This list of must-see churches and monuments in Seville is just a small part of all the temples you can see in the city.

If you want to know more about things to do or see in Seville, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help!

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