Seville for couples: a romantic guide

The mosts romantic plans in Seville

Seville is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to spend special time with your partner. Its pleasant climate, beautiful parks and incredible views make the Andalusian capital one of the most romantic destinations.

Whether it’s enjoying a stroll by the river during the day or enjoying dinner while admiring the Giralda, Seville is the perfect place to be in love. That’s why we’ve created this Seville for couples: a romantic guide so that you and your partner can enjoy everything the city has to offer in the most romantic way.

Romantic strolls

Best green spaces of Seville
María Luisa Park is the perfect scenery for romantic strolls.

Seville is full of beautiful spots that are the perfect backdrop for a walk full of love. With its incredible green spaces and fountains, the Maria Luisa Park is an idyllic place to walk hand in hand with your partner.

Whether during the day, enjoying the sunrays or at night, while admiring the light of the bridges, walking along the Guadalquivir river is also a good option for a stroll with your special one. You can also go there at sunset and watch the reflection of the sun setting on the water. Isn’t it romantic?

Of course, a stroll through the Triana neighbourhood is a must. Immerse yourself in the gipsy atmosphere of the neighbourhood while contemplating the beautiful ceramics that characterizes this neighbourhood. You can also take the opportunity to go on a lunch date and enjoy some tapas.

Boat dates in Plaza de España

What could be more romantic than a boat ride with the person you love? And if we add to that the unique beauty of the Plaza de España? Then we have the perfect romantic plan!

You can rent one of the boats there and take a leisurely ride along the canal and under the bridges while enjoying the views from the square. Let the love flow! To finish on a high note, you can stay a little longer in the square and admire the beautiful ceramics that decorate it.

Calash rides

Must do plans to do in Seville
Ride through the city centre in this carriage pulled by these beautiful animals.

I’m sure that when you arrived in Seville one of the things that most caught your attention were the numerous horse-drawn carriages (calashes). They are one of the most characteristic elements of the city and one of the most popular with tourists.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a pleasant ride with your partner in one of these horse-drawn carriages? This way you can do a bit of sightseeing in an original way while enjoying the Andalusian sun and breeze. Don’t forget your sun cream!

You will pass by the most representative monuments of the city centre such as the Torre del Oro or the Cathedral of Seville. It’s the perfect opportunity to take beautiful pictures!

Flamenco show

where to see flamenco in seville
Flamenco shows are full of passion and deep feelings. The perfect idea for a date.

When we talk about Seville it is quite likely that you will also hear the word flamenco. A flamenco show in a tablao (the place where flamenco shows take place) is indeed an obligatory stop for any tourist who comes to Seville and an original idea for a date to spend a pleasant evening with your special one.

Flamenco is characterised as a very passionate dance with powerful movements and meaningful lyrics. This makes it the ideal show to see with your partner and one of the best options of this Seville for couples: a romantic guide. Let yourself be carried away by the passion of the dancers and singers and share this unique experience with the person you love.

If you want to make your date even more unforgettable, you can combine the show with a tour of the best tapas places in the area. And for the more daring, you can try learning flamenco! You’re sure to have a great time.

Romantic sightseeing tour

Most amazing views of Seville
Top of Metrosol Parasol

Enjoying the sights and monuments of the city can also be very romantic. That’s why we couldn’t forget to include in this Seville for couples: a romantic guide this plan,  perfect for any couple who wants to get to know the city in more depth.

If you like to discover new places and learn curiosities about Seville while you walk your love through the streets of one of the most romantic cities, this is the plan for you! You will be able to enjoy hand in hand the best views of the Andalusian capital.

Cycling, walking, visiting the most famous sites or discovering spots hidden from the eyes of tourists. Whatever your tastes are, you are sure to find the perfect tour for both of you!

Dinner dates

Top 5 restaurants of Seville
Taste delicious dishes surrounded by the beautiful Sevillian scenery. Source:visita Sevilla

Of course, we had to include dinner dates in this post or else it wouldn’t be a Seville: for couples: a romantic guide. Dinner for two is the romantic plan par excellence and will never fail to surprise your partner.

But what if this dinner is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia? The dinner will be twice as special and the date three times as romantic! Enjoy your meal under the Sevillian moon with spectacular views in the background.

Go to the amazing tapas bars where you can sample the local food or look for those more special restaurants where you can enjoy more elaborate dishes. The terraces are also very romantic options to enjoy a nice evening.

Adventure dates

is seville good for a stag/hen party
Horse riding in Doñana National Park

Are you one of those couples who like excitement and going off the beaten track? Don’t worry, this Seville for couples: a romantic guide post has the best plans for you too! You will spend the best time together while doing fun and adventurous activities.

Who said sports could not be romantic? It is clear that if it is done in Seville, it will be the perfect plan for partners.  Head towards the Guadalquivir River and get ready to enjoy the views of Betis Street and Seville’s famous bridges while paddle surfing or kayaking.

Horseback riding is also a great option for more adventurous couples. Ride alongside your partner through the most beautiful areas of the Sevillian country side or you could even go to the National Park of Doñana!

Day trips

Most beautiful coastal towns of southern Andalusia
Walk alongside Tarifa seashore

If you want your date to never end (or make it a little longer at least) you can always go on a day trip. It is the best plan to discover other places near Seville with your partner.

You will leave in the morning to enjoy your trip as much as possible. Granada, Cordoba, Gibraltar or Tarifa are just some of the beautiful places you can visit. You will be able to walk through their streets, discover their stories or taste their typical dishes. There are millions of possibilities!

It will be an incredible day in which you will even fall in love with the cities. And when you return to Seville you will be able to continue with your date and do some of the other plans of this Seville for couples: a romantic guide.

Whether it’s day or night, taking a stroll or enjoying the view on a paddle board, Seville’s ambience and surroundings will make your date the most romantic one you’ve ever had.

If you need more ideas for your romantic plans or want to know something else that is not in this Seville for couples: a romantic guide post,  do not hesitate to contact us. Start planning your romantic trip and let love flood Seville!

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