The best flamenco shows in Granada
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Insider guide to the best flamenco shows in Granada

Granada is by far one of the most enchanting and fairy-tale-like cities in Spain. It was home to the last powerful Arab kingdom on European soil till 1492. A leisurely stroll through its narrow and winding streets still would throw you back to the era of 1001 nights. Passion, culture, architecture, sublime scenery, art, music, […]

Best experiences in Seville for Millennials
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A Millennial’s Guide to Seville

Addicted to scrolling through Instagram? Can’t start work without your morning coffee and practice mindfulness on your morning commute? According to popular culture and academic studies, there’s a good chance you’re a millennial. Over the last few years, millennial travel trends have become more apparent. We thought we’d save you the time of hunting for […]