Africa, Ethiopia


Christmas planning is always a bit of headache because of the whole pressure of having a special time. Not knowing many people in Ethiopia I was kind of prepared to spend very normal Christmas traveling around the country but then I started meeting people, making friends and Xmas was just as nice and Xmas-like as […]

Africa, Ethiopia

Riding in Ethiopia #1

You come to a country and you don´t know anything about it? This is exactly what is happening to me. No expectations no disappointments. All the opposite as I am constantly surprised by the beauty, hospitality, friendliness and the grand diversity of Ethiopia. As a rider who happens to travel my travel criteria are based […]



114 days of riding around and its stats: KM riding around Africa: 16.800 kms From which tracks: roughly 1.500 kms Number of times we fell down: 15 Visits to the mechanic: 11 Border crossings: 28 Police checkpoints we were stopped at: 50 at least in Mauritania, many in Western Sahara, a lot in Gambia, a […]