Across the mountains in Iran on motorcycle

Riding overland in Iran

Whatever Silk Road sounds to you and the name promises, it was not only about taking silk from China to Europe or a private package tour that Marco Polo hired. It is all about the cultures that are traveling from one place to the other by the hand of those travelers who would dare to […]


Christmas planning is always a bit of headache because of the whole pressure of having a special time. Not knowing many people in Ethiopia I was kind of prepared to spend very normal Christmas traveling around the country but then I started meeting people, making friends and Xmas was just as nice and Xmas-like as […]

“Chatting” or “chating” with the Afar!

Traveling is for me a lot like hunting, chasing the lure of the unknown and stepping into unexplored territory without any expectations. And my trip to the Afar region could not more unexpected. The Afar probably rank among the top 10 of the most fearful African tribes,. The ones that pride themselves with cutting the […]

Riding in Ethiopia #1

You come to a country and you don´t know anything about it? This is exactly what is happening to me. No expectations no disappointments. All the opposite as I am constantly surprised by the beauty, hospitality, friendliness and the grand diversity of Ethiopia. As a rider who happens to travel my travel criteria are based […]

Late Night Arrival in Addis Ababa!

Ever traveled to a country that you didn’t want to go to?! This is the story of why I went to Ethiopia. Never wanted to go there, never thought I would be going and here I am, in the paradise! I arrived in Addis Ababa after midnight with no clue how to get to my […]


Traveling is nice but not always ends with a happy ending! Below are a few suggestions in case your journey takes you directly from the dream like beach to the surgery.  In the end it´s just another journey! Isn´t it the reason why we travel? To look for the unknown and the unpredictable? Rule number 1: […]

Let´s have a BBQ on 2 wheels!

Do you believe in luck? I do and I think we were lucky to be guided to a host in Lahore, who was into riding. Through him we got to meet many Pakistani riders, with not very spectacular bikes but instead big smiles, readiness to have a good time and some plans for a weekend […]


For some reasons there is a sector called hospitality even if it´s nowadays more about doing business than real hospitality. I always have felt attracted by the bad reputation of the wild east region of Iran: called Sistan Baluchistan. Apparently it was a frontier land, full of cold-blooded smugglers, outlaws, land mines, human trafficants, barren, […]