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A cup of tea!

In a normal situation it should neither be a problem to get a cup of tea nor will it make its way to the title of this post. But if there is something that makes traveling so special and unpredictable that would be the simple fact of discovering the hidden dimension of daily things. Some […]



114 days of riding around and its stats: KM riding around Africa: 16.800 kms From which tracks: roughly 1.500 kms Number of times we fell down: 15 Visits to the mechanic: 11 Border crossings: 28 Police checkpoints we were stopped at: 50 at least in Mauritania, many in Western Sahara, a lot in Gambia, a […]



In Rabat, in front of the Mauritanian embassy: We got there early, so early that nobody else was there. We unearthed the reason for our very unusual early arrival a few days later as we noticed that we were missing all the appointments we had made. That is we did not adjust our time to […]