Entertainment Options In Seville

When you visit a place like Seville, most of the travel recommendations will fall into two categories: sightseeing (such as getting a look at the Seville Cathedral, or the Alcazar, made particularly famous by Game Of Thrones), or cultural experience (such as eating tapas or visiting the various museums). These can certainly occupy the curious traveller for days on end, but it also pays to have a few more recreational activities in mind.

These are a few ways to keep yourself entertained that are fairly unique to Seville.


Somewhat like samba in Brazil or the tango in Argentina, flamenco dancing goes hand in hand with Spanish culture, and in particular that of Seville and the surrounding area. Part of experiencing the city to its fullest is watching some real flamenco dancers in person, and it’s easy enough to pull off, with numerous renowned clubs around the city. The best of them, if you’re looking for a name, may just be La Carboneria, which is said to be a special place unlike the tourist traps in the area. An authentic atmosphere and top-notch performers make it the place to go to see the dance in person.


Spain has about as good a reputation as any country in the world for football. In fact, it was among the favorites for the 2018 World Cup, with one detailed preview of team expectations noting that even a meeting with fellow favorites France, Germany, or Brazil wouldn’t faze this group of players. Unfortunately a meeting with the host nation Russia ultimately derailed the Spanish bid, but the fact remains football is a source of great national pride, and Seville has plenty to offer. Most notably you’ll have the chance to see Sevilla FC, a team that competes in La Liga against some of the best club teams in the world.


Bullfighting definitely isn’t for everybody. And if you’re a hardcore animal lover, we should say that you probably want to skip this one. However, a lot of people find this activity to be one of the most fascinating cultural events in Spain, and there is something oddly beautiful about how it showcases the bulls. La Maestranza is a public bullfighting ring in Seville where, for much of the warmer part of the year, you can still see live events.

Semana Santa

Semana Santa means “Holy Week” in English and characterizes the week leading up to the Easter holiday. During this week, the streets of Spain are overtaken by various ceremonies and processions, and Seville has a particularly renowned celebration. There is a deeply religious component to the event, so don’t envision your typical raucous street festival. But it is still entertaining and interesting to behold if you’re in Spain during this time of year. And if it’s not quite your speed, the April Fair Celebration around the same time is arguably a bit more fun!

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