Top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada

Top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada

Granada is a city in which different cultures have coexisted throughout history. For this reason, it is a really diverse place, not only culturally, but also in terms of cuisine. Are you visiting the city of Alhambra and would like to find the best vegetarian restaurant in the area? Don’t worry! Here, we show you the top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada.


We begin our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada with Restaurante Raíces, the pioneer of vegetarian food in the city. The restaurant opened its doors in 1982 and has been demonstrating the wealth of vegetarian food to all its customers since then. Do you want to try traditional Andalusian cuisine? Don’t miss the croquettes, you’ll want to order them again!

Where to find it: Av. Pablo Picasso, 30, Granada.

Homemade croquetas (croquettes)


Are you strolling through the streets of Granada and feel like having lunch with your family in a vegetarian restaurant? Hicuri Art Vegan is your place! Its peculiarity is that it is decorated with really recognizable street paintings, so the culture of Granada will be present at all times. Don’t leave without trying the tofu with teriyaki sauce, you’ll love it!

Where to find it: Plaza de los Girones, 4, Granada.

Hicuri Art Vegan. Source: Restaurante Vegano Hicuri


If you want to go on a tapas tour but you are vegetarian, don’t worry, El Ojú has the solution! Enjoy a wide variety of vegan tapas accompanied by a book. Yes, you read that right! The reason why this restaurant is in our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada is because they have a bookshelf with books so that their customers can choose the one they like the most and enjoy a nice read. Interesting, isn’t it?

Where to find it: Calle Gral. Narváez, 4, Granada.

Vegan tapa. Source: El Ojú


Offering food from around the world and for everyone” is the motto of the next place of our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada: El Piano. If you want to enjoy food from all over the world at reasonable prices, this is your place! In addition, this restaurant also has Andalusian tapas for those who are more traditional. Don’t leave without trying the tortilla tapa! In addition, if you love Spanish tortilla, we recommend a visit to Seville or Cordoba, so you will be able to try the best tapas of Andalusian cuisine.

Where to find it: Calle Santiago, 2, Granada

Spanish vegan omelette. Source: El Piano Granada


To finish our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada off, we have Almalibre Acai House Restaurant. Do you have a sweet tooth and a penchant for cute photos on instagram? This restaurant has what you are looking for! Sit down to rest from your tour of Granada and try one of its fruit smoothies, the best way to recharge your batteries.

Where to find it: Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 53, Granada.

We hope our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Granada helps you find what are you looking for. Don’t forget to check the Covid-19 security measures for possible restrictions.

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