7 reasons why Seville is perfect for a stag/hen do

seville stag hen do

Looking for a unique backdrop for an unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette party? Seville, a stunning city steeped in history and culture, was named by lonely planet as the best place to travel to in 2018. With so many things to do, see, eat, and drink, Seville might just tick all the boxes for your last night of freedom! Here are 7 reasons why Seville is perfect for a stag/hen do. 

A different choice 

seville stag hen do

Seville might not be the first location that springs to mind when you’re deciding where to host your bachelor/bachelorette party – but that’s one of the reasons it’s ideal! Not only is Seville a unique pick, but despite its excellent atmosphere, cheap drinks and all-night fiestas – Seville remains relatively underground as an international party destination. Therefore, you’re unlikely to experience the more unsavoury aspects of a typical stag/hen experience.

Amsterdam is infamous for drunken tourists wreaking havoc and is currently undergoing a major crack-down on stag/hen dos. Tourist taxes have increased by 20%, on-the-spot public drunkenness fines are €95 and stags/hens treating the city like a toilet can expect to pay up to €140. Seville benefits from excellent nightlife, without excessive anti-social behaviour associated with the over-saturated party cities like Amsterdam, Budapest and Prague. 

Something for everyone 

Granted stag/hen parties aren’t exactly the easiest to organise. You might be wrangling a huge group with a wide age range, wondering how on earth you’re going to keep everyone entertained. Luckily Seville has it all. From high-energy activities like kayaking or stand up paddle-boarding, to soaking up the culture at one of many UNESCO world heritage sites, to buzzing bars/nightclubs and world-class restaurants. 

Reasonably priced  

Seville is the ideal destination for any budget. With a pint setting you back only €2.50, Seville is more affordable than most popular stag/hen spots in Europe (expect to pay at least double that in Amsterdam!). You’ll find cheaper accommodation and dining here than in Madrid or Barcelona and return flights can be as low as €30 from the UK. 

Incredible food

We mean it when we say Seville is serious about food. From traditional, family-run eateries to upmarket, rooftop restaurants, Seville boasts some of the best cuisine in Europe. With thousands of restaurants in the city, Seville even caters comfortably to vegetarians and vegans. If you want to experience the best of Seville’s food scene, we offer a variety of tours. Our Triana tapas tour will show you around Seville’s most interesting neighbourhoods. Triana, formerly one of the more troubled areas in the city, has since become the cultural heart of Seville. Boasting an alternative atmosphere, Triana is the perfect place to discover modern tapas that push the boundaries of Spanish cuisine to delicious new heights. Or how about learning to make authentic dishes, such as paella or croquetas, with our cooking class? That’ll certainly impress your husband/wife-to-be! 

So ditch the debauchery and immerse yourself in culture and incredible food.

Year-round sun

Averaging around 300 days of sunshine a year, you couldn’t pick a better spot than Seville if you’re searching for the sun. Winter is almost non-existent here. Even in December, it’s not unusual for temperatures to peak at a pleasant 20°C. If you can’t hack the heat though, avoid the city between July – August, when temperatures regularly exceed a scorching 35°C.

One thing Seville is unfortunately lacking is a beach, but if you’re after sun, sea and sand, it’s easy to add a beach day to your trip! 

Diverse nightlife 

No bachelor/bachelorette party would be complete without a big night out and no one parties bigger than the Spanish! As the sun sets, grab a fancy cocktail at a rooftop bar and enjoy unparalleled views over the city. After nightfall, the winding cobbled streets and charming plazas burst to life with friendly local bars overflowing with revellers. Enjoy a late dinner, Spaniards don’t eat until after 10, and then load up on drinks at a lively cocktail bar before heading to one of Seville’s bustling nightclubs. Buckle up for a long night as you can expect clubs to be open until 6 or 7 in the morning!

Why not join us on a flamenco show and tapas tour – the best way to enjoy Seville’s diverse nightlife, culture and cuisine. This experience offers a well-balanced dose of delicious food, Spanish wine, an awe-inspiring flamenco show while exploring the most charming neighbourhoods of Seville.

Check out our nightlife guide for more top tips on where to where to party.

Unique experiences

flamenco stag/hen do seville

Do you want to make your stag/hen do stand out with a truly memorable experience? If you fancy something a little different and a taste of the real Spain, how about a flamenco lesson with a professional dancer? In our fun, interactive 60-minute session, you’ll learn the basics of Flamenco – dance steps, heel-clicking, and hand movements. Gain an insight into Spanish culture while trying out something new!

We hope our 7 reasons why Seville is perfect for a stag/hen do has convinced you to choose Seville! Our tours are all fully customisable so we can create custom stag/hen party suited to your needs. Let us know – we’d love to help plan your perfect trip! 

Caitie Fisher is a writer, digital-marketing intern and travel addict from Newcastle, UK. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

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