Why You Should Experience Fall in Seville

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Why You Should Experience Fall in Seville

Autumn is a fantastic season, wouldn’t you agree? It’s actually my dad’s favourite time of year. The leaves turning into a beautiful symphony of colour as they begin to fall provide one last breathtaking reason to be outside before it gets so cold you lose your breath! Although fall in Seville is not your stereotypical collection of falling leaves and warm clothes, it is still a great time to come to the city. What follows are some of the reasons we think you should visit Seville in Autumn and what to do in fall in Seville.

The Warmth

Summer in Seville is an endless race to escape the heat. This means that as the temperature drops, autumn becomes much more pleasant. This part of Spain is dubbed the ‘frying pan of Europe’ because it has the continents highest average temperatures. Subsequently, this is the best place to go in Europe if you’re searching for one last dose of sunshine before wrapping up warm for the winter. The average high here in September is 33 centigrade, and October 26.

What’s more, these temperatures make fall in Seville the perfect time for walking around the city, exploring all of its amazing sites. Enjoy a lazy stroll around the Cathedral and up la Giralda, and then go over to Plaza de España and the Maria Luisa Park. There are few places in Spain as beautiful as Parque Maria Luisa, and fall is a special time for this park. One of the few places in Seville where autumn manifests itself with the stunning umbrella of colourful leaves which are synonymous with the season.

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The Food and Drink

The weather is also much kinder to foodies than the summer. The heat no longer diminishes appetite, and so you will be able to fully enjoy the delicious food that Seville has to offer. Whether you want to take a tapas tour, or go Iberian ham tasting, fall in Seville is the perfect time to do it. Furthermore, autumn is the time when the grape harvest begins. The area just south of Seville is one of the main wine areas in all of Spain. As such, all around the local area many wine festivals take place.

The Festivals

Much like in Spring, during fall in Seville, the population really come alive. After hiding at the beach for most of the summer, the Sevillanos return for autumn and bring their lust for life with them. Autumn sees the city host festival after festival, from the Bienal de Flamenco in September to the Festival de las Naciones in October, there’s a party for everyone. You could take your kids for Halloween at Isla Magica or come for the cultural showpiece that is the international horse exhibition in November.

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The Shopping

With the changing weather comes a need for more layers of clothing. In Seville this means fashion takes centre stage. The city is one of the fashion hubs of Spain. Sevillanos are famed for always being impeccably dressed. When walking around the city, it is always easy to tell who is a local based upon how well they dress. With this penchant for high fashion, naturally, comes a myriad of shopping options. Head to the Casco Viejo area to find all the best the city has to offer, from high street brands to high-end independent labels.

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As we know, the south of Spain is its cultural heartland. Fall in Seville is no different. Whether you are looking for one last dose of warmth before winter sets in, or beautiful autumnal colours, or simply a wonderful shopping location, Seville is the city for you. If you would like help planning your trip to the south of Spain, then please do reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help you out with any questions, big or small.

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