114 days of riding around and its stats:

KM riding around Africa: 16.800 kms

From which tracks: roughly 1.500 kms

Number of times we fell down: 15

Visits to the mechanic: 11

With the mecanic in Bamako

Reparation of the radiator in Conakry

Border crossings: 28

Police checkpoints we were stopped at: 50 at least in Mauritania, many in Western Sahara, a lot in Gambia, a few in Guinea & Senegal and only 2 in Mali

Number of bribes: 1 in Dakar

Number of days crossing the Sahara: 12

Number of days crossing the Sahara with sand storm: 3 absolutely detestable days

Number of days with rain: 6

Longest ride: from Kiffa to Bamako for 16 hours! Never ever again

Number of ferries we took: 5

Crossing River Gambia

Route a Timele 100

Days we spent at hotels: 60

Days of camping: 24

Days spent at people´s –locals & expats- places: 23

Days sleeping rough: 2

Days sleeping in the desert: 6

Days sleeping on a boat: 35 hours of boat ride through the river Niger in Mali. Absolutely recommended

Days spent at the seaside: 19

Worse hotel: Fes/Morocco –don´t even want to remember the name, Brothel/hotel/club in Sigiri/Guinea, -I doubt if it had any name at all-

Best hotels: Auberge Djamilla in Bamako, Sister hostel in Pita/Guinea, Keur Maia in Saly/Senegal

Guided tours we took: 3 in Timbuktu, Dogon country –I wish we had not taken it- and hiking in Fouta Djalon

Islands we visited: 1

Days spent on peninsulas: 21 days in Dakhla, Nouadhibou, Dakar & Saint Louis

Number of mountain chains we crossed: 5, Anti Atlas, Fouta Djalon, Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Rif

Number of big rivers we crossed: 3, River Niger, River Gambia, River Senegal

Number of concerts: 4 full days in Timbuktu and 4 more times

Number of private parties we´ve been to: 5

Number of nights out: 3

Number of hang over:  1 time David in Dakar, a really bad one

Hottest places: Guinea & Casamance

Coldest places: Morocco. It was freezing cold both when we arrived in December and then when we were heading back again in April.

The most difficult ride: Guinean Tracks around Fouta Djalon area

The happiness to see the asfalt!!

The most surrealist country: Mauritania. Go and check it out by yourself!

Most beautiful landscape: Mauritanian desert and its endless variety, fairytale like vegetation in Casamance and impressive Moroccan Mountains

Best food: None. Maybe the fresh juice stands in Morocco

Guinea 133

Number of bottles of wine purchased: 6-sevenish

Nicest people: Scattered around but generally Morocco no matter if Berber, Arab or people from Western Sahara

Worse people: Senegal –except for Casamance- & of course Dakar

Poorest country: Guinea

Different cultural or national identities we had the chance to learn about a little bit: the Berbers in Morocco, people in Sahara, Djola people in Casamance, the Moors in Mauritania –white & Arabic speaking Mauritanians-, Bambara & Soninke in Mali, Tuaregs in northern Mali, Dogon people in Mali, Peul people in Fouta Djalon/Guinea, Sere in Gambia and Senegal, Mandinka in Gambia, Susu in costal part of Guinea, Wolof in Senegal

Number of diarrheas: Mahsa: 1, David: 2

Number of days being sick: Mahsa: 4, David: 2

Most expensive country: Senegal

Cheapest country: Depends on what but generally Guinea

Physically biggest nation: Senegal

Most aggressive people: Senegal except for Casamance

Cheapest gas: Western Sahara followed by Morocco

Most expensive gas: Senegal followed by Gambia

Most beautiful people: Senegal

Taxis most loaded: Guinea

Ordinary Taxi in Guinea

Best fish: Catch of the day in Cap Skiring & Kafountine/Casamance

Best surf/kite surf spots: Dakhla, Essauira /Morocco

Most common drink: foamy green tea & Nescafe!

Tea in the Check Point

Ingredient most used in cooking: Maggi

Most typical breakfast in black Africa: bread spread with mayonnaise

Most amazing thing throughout the journey: the freedom to move around and see different realities day by day

Most horrible thing: the situation and exploitation of the women throughout Africa

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