Top 7 Day Trips from Seville

Seville might well be the capital and the heart of Andalusia, full of wonders and ‘’hidden gems’’ that are just waiting to be discovered, yet it’s hardly the only city in the region that is worth a visit. Below you will find 7 day trip ideas that will make traveling to Seville sound even more […]

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Flamenco in a Nutshell… PLUS 6 of the Best and Most Authentic Tablaos to Visit while in Seville!

flamenco dancing girl in a red dress

It can be argued that one of the pivotal and relatively not-so-recent points in Spanish history is the art of Flamenco. When we say Flamenco, we are talking about the song, the dance, and the guitar. The origins of Flamenco are a subject of much debate as the history has only been documented for the […]

16 of the Very Best Typical Dishes You Need to Try from The Andalusian Province

Mojama de Atun - Cured Tuna -

Ever wondered what local food you should be eating while touring through the south of Spain? Here you have 16 of the very best dishes you need to try before checking these cities off your list. Andalusian gastronomy, which has been deeply influenced by the Arabic Cuisine, bases its dishes on raw ingredients of the […]

7 Great Beaches, Insanely Close to Seville!

Coming to Seville this summer? Great choice! Learn about the closest beaches to the capital of Andalusia, and make plans to escape the summer heat! Indeed, Seville is one of the hottest cities in Europe, with temperatures well above 40°C during the hot summer months. Sevillians know all too well to stay locked up inside […]

10 Best Things to Do in Summer in Seville

Seville is a city full of incredible art, rich history and colorful culture. However, it also a place where summer brings the smiling face of the Spanish sun! If you’re visiting Seville this summer, you can find plenty of summertime activities to fill your itinerary. From outdoor adventures to aquarium experiences, there are endless diversions […]

Seville… it’s FREE! Even the Museums & Monuments!

Are you going to spend some days in Seville and do you want to see as many things as possible without spending money? Here you have a list of monuments you could visit totally free. So just read it… and enjoy! ALWAYS FREE: Archivo General de Indias (General Archive of the Indies) It is placed […]

Best & Cheapest flights to get to Seville!

Travel what is it? Both the reason and style of travel that people take are as varied and unique as the people themselves; not all share the same passion as others and simply think of it as a way to escape or take a break from their everyday lives. How many of us simply pick […]

The best 5 food experiences in Seville

Visiting a new country means that quite everything you will experience will have the flavour of the unknown. You have no idea what to expect, for as many guide’s advises you might read, and as many plans you may have, you will never experience what you’ve imagined. We all know you want to avoid the […]